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🇫🇷 Deposit capital in France

Depositing share capital in France is a multi-step process involving several key players: you and your end user, Swan, and the notary.

  • You and your end user are responsible for completing steps 1 through 5, as well as step 8.
  • Swan completes step 6.
  • The notary completes steps 7 and 9.
General capital deposit information

Review the sequence diagram on the general capital deposit page to see the interactions in more details, plus find information about statuses, shareholders, and more.

Step 1: Create capital deposit case

Use the API to create a capital deposit case object. Everything related to your capital deposit, including shareholder information, transfers, and documents, will be collected in the case object.

→ Follow the detailed guide to create your case, which includes full API mutation examples.

Step 2: Upload capital deposit documents

Use the API to:

  1. Generate a unique upload URL for each document you need to upload, and
  2. Upload all required documents.

→ Follow the detailed guide to generate URLs and upload documents, which includes full API mutation examples.

Step 3: Finalize account creation

Following the guide to create a capital deposit case also launches the account creation process for the future company and individual shareholders.

Company shareholders

Creating accounts for company shareholders doesn't happen automatically when creating the capital deposit case. Use the guide to create individual accounts for all company shareholders.

The individual Swan accounts serve as escrow accounts, and are the only acceptable accounts to which shareholders can transfer their capital deposit funds.

To complete the account creation process:

  1. Shareholders need to complete the account onboarding process. Monitor their progress if needed.
  2. After each shareholder has at least opened their onboarding link, you might choose to use the API to finalize all account onboardings. Shareholders can also finalize their own onboardings.

Step 4: Verify account holders

After the shareholders complete the onboarding process, they must complete account holder verification.

→ Learn more about the verification process for new account holders.

Identification level

Swan supports multiple levels to verify your identity. For capital deposits, please meet the following identification levels:

  • Shareholder accounts: PVID
  • Company accounts: Expert

Step 5: Transfer capital funds

Each shareholder must transfer their capital share deposit from an account in their name to their new Swan account.

Shareholders must perform this transfer themselves, and need their new IBAN to do so.

A good practice is to configure your integration to send an automated email to shareholders with the new IBANs. Alternately, they can access the IBAN associated with their Swan account through the Web Banking user interface, or you can access it on the Dashboard and share it with them.

Step 6: Swan validates and updates case

Here's a quick review. At this point, you've done the following for your CapitalDepositCase:

  • Created Swan accounts for shareholders and the future company
  • Completed the onboarding and account holder verification processes for those accounts
  • Transferred the shareholders' capital funds into their individual Swan accounts
  • Uploaded all required documents

To complete step 6, Swan:

  • Reviews the entire case.
  • Validates the capital deposit in Swan's system.
  • Updates the case status to WaitingForShareDepositCertificate so it gets sent to the notary.

Step 7: Notary uploads certificate

After the notary validates this stage of the capital deposit, they respond with a capital shares deposit certificate. This process is typically quick, taking up to two business days. The certificate is assigned the document type CapitalShareDepositCertificate.

View the certificate in the capital deposits section of your Dashboard. You can also retrieve it with the capitalDepositCase API query. Be sure to add documents > downloadUrl in the explorer.

Step 8: Upload the register extract (KBIS)

Upload your KBIS using the same document upload process as in step 4. Choose document type RegisterExtract.

→ Follow the detailed guide to generate an upload URL and upload your KBIS, which includes full API mutation examples.

Step 9: Notary transfers funds to company account

After the notary validates the register extract, they'll transfer your capital deposit funds to the company account you created at the beginning of this process. This process usually takes up to two business days.


As soon as the capital funds arrive in your company's Swan account, the capital deposit process is complete. Best of luck with your endeavor!