Get Started 🚀

Welcome to Swan's Documentation. Explore our guides and learn how to make the most of your integration. Here's what you need to know to get started:

1/ Get access here.

You will create a new project and get access to the dashboard

2/ Connect with your smartphone.

Our services allow you to authenticate a physical person to the Swan system. Both developers and end-clients use the same process. This will require a valid phone number and a smartphone.
Once you are authenticated, you can access your dashboard.

3/ Connect to your dashboard and create your project.

Now you can play with your dashboard settings and build a banking experience that matches your brand.
  • upload your logo (min. height 300px)
  • pick your accent color (hexadecimal color code)

4/ Explore our Documentation


Get all the details you need, even if you're #nocode.

API Explorer.

See how you can get started sending requests straight away.

5/ Play in the Sandbox. Check out our Web Banking first hand.

The Sandbox is our testing environment for you to use. Have fun, this is fake money.
Anything Swan allows you to do, you can simulate in the Sandbox before going live. This way, you can be sure your integration was successful. Even if you are #nocode.

6/ Are you a developer? Play with the API Explorer.

Issue API requests and receive responses. Unplug our web interfaces to fully customize your banking experience and create your own UX. Play with the API Explorer here.

7/ You don't have to play in the Sandbox alone.

From your dashboard, invite colleagues to work on integration together.

8/ Make as many Sandbox users as you want, repeat different scenarios as often as you'd like.

Practice setting up accounts, linking IBANs to accounts, ID verification...

9/ Simulate external events with the Event Simulator

External events, not generated by our APIs, will strongly impact your integration. This way, you can see how well your integration handles them.
You should test all kinds of transactions.
For example:
  • Receive a SEPA Credit Transfer
  • Receive a card payment
  • Verify a company account holder
  • ...

10/ When you feel confident your integration is rock solid - go live!

First of all, we'll check that you're really you.
We'll also review your project, a bit like apple review when you submit a new app. We like to ensure integration is good to go and check that your logo was not filched from someone else ;)
To go live, please contact us: [email protected]

11/ Pay when you're set up.

Our Sandbox is free to play in, our API free to explore. You don't pay a dime until you're set up.