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Digital cards

Digital format of a virtual or physical card. Swan cards can be digitized and added to Apple Pay and Google Pay for Near-Field Communication (NFC) payments.

Swan cards are compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

If you choose to allow digital cards, your card holders can add their cards to their preferred digital wallet. Swan recommends only digitizing virtual cards for a safer experience.

A list of digital cards is available in the cards query.

Certifying your digital card integration

You need to certify your digital card integration before your card holders can use Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Send an email to specifying that you'd like to activate in-app provisioning for digital payments. The team will help you get started.

Provisioning guide

A complete provisioning guide can't be published on this site due to privacy policies from Google and Apple. Swan will provide one after you've certified your digital card integration.

Adding cards to digital wallets

Only enabled virtual cards and activated physical cards can be digitized. Virtual cards are enabled almost immediately, but make sure your card holders activate their physical cards before trying to digitize them.

Logos for Apple Wallet and Google Pay

There are multiple ways to add cards to a digital wallet:

  1. Your card holders can do it themselves by entering their virtual or physical card number into the digital wallet.
  2. Your card holders can use the Swan App and follow the in-app provisioning process.
  3. You can initiate the in-app provisioning process through the addDigitalCard mutation.

Renewing digital cards

Swan takes care of updating digital cards with Apple Pay and Google Pay. It's a clear advantage, as this requires no action from you nor your client.

Digital card statuses

Digital card statusExplanation
ConsentPendingRequest to add a digital card was sent with the addDigitalCard mutation and is waiting for the card holder's consent

Next steps:
  • If the card holder consents, the status moves to Pending
  • If the card holder doesn't consent, the status moves to Canceled
  • If you use the API to cancel the card, the status moves to Canceled
PendingCard holder added the card to their digital Wallet manually, or they provided consent after you added the card with the API

Next steps:
  • If the card is added to their Wallet successfully, the status moves to Enabled
  • If the card is declined during provisioning, the status moves to Declined
EnabledDigital card is available for use

Next steps:
  • Cards can retain the status Enabled indefinitely
  • Enabled cards can also be Suspended and Canceled
SuspendedDigital card is suspended and not available for use

Cards can be suspended for various reasons, including a request from you or the card holder, or a Swan action in the case of suspicious activity.

Next steps:
  • Restore the card's previous status with the API
  • Cancel the card with the API
CanceledCard is canceled, no longer available for use, and can't be reactivated
DeclinedCard was declined during the provisioning process