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Capital deposits

Initial funds invested to start operations for a new company, involving required documents, shareholder information, and legal processes.

When creating a new company, you're required to deposit your share capital before registering the company.


Several key stakeholders are involved in the capital deposit process: you; your client, their future company, and their shareholders; Swan (and Swan's API); and Swan's partner notary.

The capital deposit process consists of a few main actions:

  • Creating a Swan capital deposit case to collect everything
  • Creating Swan accounts
  • Verifying identities
  • Uploading documents
  • Transferring funds

Learn more about the stakeholders and their interactions to complete a capital deposit on this page before continuing to the guide for 🇫🇷 France.

Capital deposit case

The CapitalDepositCase API object compiles all information for a capital deposit case, including:

  1. Details about the future company
  2. Company account
  3. Shareholder information
  4. Capital deposit documents

Case statuses

Case statusExplanation
WaitingForRequirementsDefault status after the CapitalDepositCase is created, providing there were no technical issues.

You complete the company onboarding process and upload required documents to pass to the next status.
WaitingForShareDepositCertificateNotary reviews the deposited funds and submitted documents, then creates the certificate and uploads it to Swan.
WaitingForRegisterExtractYou upload your register extract for notary review.
WaitingForNotaryTransferNotary reviews the register extract.
CanceledYou can request to cancel a CapitalDepositCase any time before completion by sending an email to When a case is canceled, the shareholder is also canceled.
CompletedNotary reviewed and approved all elements and transferred the funds to the new company; the process is complete.

Required documents

Processing your capital shares deposit requires several documents. These can be uploading using the API. Documents must meet Swan's requirements; otherwise, the document will be assigned the status Refused and you'll need to upload the document again.

List of required documents

All documents are mandatory unless marked if requested.

Stakeholder DocumentAPI document type
Individual shareholdersProof of addressProofOfIndividualAddress

See proof of address section

Identity document proving the shareholder's identity (collected during identification)

Company shareholders

Document available only after the notary validates the case, uploaded during at a specific time during the capital deposit process

Draft of the articles of incorporationArticlesOfIncorporation

Company's most recent tax statement (if requested)


Identity document proving the shareholder's identity (collected during identification)

Future companyDraft of the articles of incorporationArticlesOfIncorporation
Lease agreement for official company addressCompanyLeaseAgreement
Lease Mandate from legal representativePowerOfAttorney
Template available in French

Document statuses

Document statusExplanation
PendingPlace for the document is created, but the document isn't uploaded yet.
UploadedDocument successfully uploaded; you can change and re-upload the document as long it retains the status Uploaded

Next step: Swan reviews the document and either validates or refuses it.
ValidatedSwan validated the document.
RefusedDocument doesn't meet requirements.

Next step: Upload a new document, then the status returns to Uploaded.


A shareholder is a physical or legal person who deposits funds in exchange for ownership of the future company. In order to deposit funds, the shareholder opens a temporary Swan payment account.

Because they're opening an account, each shareholder must go through the onboarding, identification, and account holder verification processes. After completing requirements, the shareholder's account is assigned an IBAN they can use to deposit funds.

As soon as the CapitalDepositCase is complete, the shareholder's temporary account closes automatically.

Proof of address

Shareholders must provide proof of their residence address. Only official documents will be validated.

Acceptable documents:

  1. Include the shareholder's full name and residence address.
  2. Are officially issued from the utility company, tax authority, or rental agency.
  3. Are less than three months old.
    1. Exception: Tax documents must be from the most recent year.
  4. Are one of the following document types:
    1. Utility or internet bill (water, gas, electricity, internet).
    2. Tax document mailed to you by an income or housing tax authority.
    3. Professional rent receipt.
document support

If you aren't sure a document complies with these requirements, please send an email to

Shareholder statuses

Shareholder statusExplanation
PendingOnboardingDefault status after the shareholder is created; shareholder must complete their onboarding and their account must be created to continue.
WaitingForVerificationPossible status if the account holder verification isn't complete at the moment the shareholder's account is created.

Status bypassed if the account holder status is already Verified.
WaitingForTransferWaiting for the shareholder to deposit the full share capital in their Swan account created during onboarding, which must be transferred from an account belonging to the shareholder.
CapitalTransferredWaiting for the rest of the capital deposit case to be ready and the funds to be transferred to the notary.
CapitalFundsWiredToNotaryStill waiting for the rest of the capital deposit case to be ready, but now the funds are with the notary.
CapitalDepositCanceledWhen a CapitalDepositCase is Canceled, the shareholder status changes to CapitalDepositCanceled.

If an account was already created for the shareholder, the account is also closed automatically.

Sequence diagram