Activate your project

Learn about the journey you'll take from the moment you enter the sandbox, all the way through to going live.
As soon as you get into our sandbox, go ahead and click the Activate button in the dashboard. You'll find a clear set of steps that lay out the journey ahead.

Discover the Sandbox

If you're not sure where to start, let us guide you through! We'll assign you tasks, one by one, that teach you the basics of using Swan's most crucial features. By the time you're finished, you'll have a clear understanding of how to work with Swan. If you're the type that prefers to learn solo, no worries. You can skip this step and just explore our docs at your leisure.

Talk to an expert

Next, you'll be paired with one of our experts. This person will be perfect for discussing your product vision, and making sure the project you have planned aligns with Swan's compliance standards. It's best to figure this out early on!
Consider discussing Swan's integration options, including full API, no-code, and open source.

Send us your Project ID

Our team needs your Project ID to continue opening your first live account. You can find it on your Dashboard by toggling open the section with the project name (1), then copying the ID (2). Please send it to your Swan expert by email.
Screenshot of the top left corner of the Dashboard with the Swan logo and the project dropdown highlight two steps: (1) open projects dropdown, and (2) click to copy project ID
Find your Project ID on the Dashboard

Review standard contracts

Here's where you can consult Swan's standard contracts. We make sure to keep them readily available — don't hesitate to reach out if you've got questions!

Get compliance approval

As a regulated financial institution, Swan must review to make sure your project meets our compliance standards. When you reach this step, your review has already been launched.
In parallel with your project review, make sure you've signed the contract with our sales team. Your project will be activated once the verification process is done and the contract is signed.

Open your company's live account

Open your own company account at Swan and start using it in the Live environment. This is a great way to learn first hand how your accounts will work in real life. Opening your account is easy: just fill in the form, upload requested documents, then verify your identity.
The first live account is a French account with a French IBAN. Learn more

Start using the live API

Once our compliance team has approved your project, you can open a real payment account to test your integration or simply start using your live account. All you have to do is switch to "Live" on the dashboard and generate new credentials in Developers section.

Publish project settings

For your branding to be applied to your project in the Live environment, switch to "Live" on the dashboard, upload your logo in PNG format, set an accent color, and click the button that says start the review. Once approved, your branding settings will appear on your live project.

Get your final integration review

When you are ready to open accounts for your clients, we need to review any materials where Swan or Swan's features are mentioned. Once your account is opened, you can start this final review by sending the following elements to [email protected]:
  • The way you present your offer/where you market Swan's features, including the page from which your clients will open their accounts. (Make sure to respect our guidelines.)
  • Access to the userflow (e.g. access to your staging environment)
  • Your terms and conditions
  • Your privacy policy
The final review may take up to a week, so don't hesitate to send these materials as soon as you have a definitive version.