Go live process
As a regulated financial institution, Swan must review your project before activating it. Here is the process.

Preliminary review

As soon as you get into our sandbox, ask for a preliminary review of your project by clicking on API tab or switching from Sandbox data to Live data. Filling out the form will put you in contact with our team, so we can make sure your project meets Swan's compliance standards.
We advise you to submit the preliminary review before putting much energy into development

Open your own live account

Once the preliminary review is done, you can open a real payment account to test your integration or simply start using your live account. Just click on the activate project tab directly from the dashboard interface.
The Open your account button will redirect you to the onboarding form and trigger the verification process.
In parallel with your project review, make sure you've signed the contract with our sales team. Your project will be activated once the verification process is done and the contract is signed.

Publish project settings

If you want your branding (logo, accent color) and card design to go live, click on save then start the review. After the review, the settings will be promoted to live.

Opening accounts for your clients

If you're using Swan to open accounts for your clients, we need to review any materials where Swan or Swan's features are mentioned. Once your account is opened, you can start the compliance review by sending the following elements to [email protected] :
  • The way you present your offer/where you market Swan's features, including the page from which your clients will open their accounts. (Make sure to respect our guidelines.)
  • Access to the userflow (e.g. access to your staging environment)
  • Your terms and conditions
  • Your privacy policy
The compliance review may take up to a week, so don't hesitate to send these materials as soon as you have a definitive version
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