Choose your integration

Swan is an API-first financial platform. We also offer a no-code user interface so you can launch quickly and with less developer involvement. To find a balance between the flexibility of the Swan API and the ready-made user interface, consider using Swan Banking Frontend, our open source project that provides the building blocks for a customized web banking app.
Regardless of which configuration you choose, you'll also use the Partner Dashboard.

Partner Dashboard

The Swan Partner Dashboard is divided into three main sections:
  • Data: View and manage onboarding, accounts, account memberships, cards, and more
  • Developers: Access Developer tools, including our API endpoints, webhooks, and payment control, and test your integration with the Swan API Explorer and the Event Simulator
  • Settings: Configure your no-code interface, choose and update branding, create and issue cards, manage user settings for web banking, and control onboarding visibility
Customization is limited with the no-code interface: upload a logo and choose a single accent color. To meet web accessibility guidelines, please confirm that your accent color passes at least WCAG AA checks with both white #ffffff and black #000000.
You can also toggle between projects if you have more than one (the MyBrand logo) and activate a project if you're in Sandbox mode.
Focused screenshots of Dashboard tabs

Full-API integration

Swan is API-first. To take full advantage of all Swan has to offer and completely customize your user experience, choose a comprehensive, full-API integration.
In tandem with your API integration, you can use the Swan Banking Frontend to create a web banking app for your users. This open source project provides the components for a fully-customizable frontend.
When your full-API integration is ready to go live, follow the activate your project guide. Swan reviews all integrations before going live to ensure success.

No-code user interface

The no-code interface is the quickest option to get started with Swan and provides ready-made web banking for your users.
When you choose the no-code interface, you'll use your Dashboard to test everything. Toggle between Sandbox and Live to test new functionalities. If you're in Sandbox, everything is fake and nothing carries over to Live.
When your no-code integration is ready to go live, follow the activate your project guide. Swan reviews all integrations before going live to ensure success.
Even with our no-code option, there are a few API mutations you'll need to use; your Technical Account Manager is here to help. Additionally, you can always evolve from no-code only to API customization—we're only an email away.

Swan Banking Frontend

If you like the convenience of our ready-made web banking app but are too limited by the customization restraints, the Swan Banking Frontend is for you.
Use our open source project to provide a web banking app that matches your company's style guidelines, plus all user onboarding flows. This project contains the same code used by Swan internally for the no-code user interface.
Frontend technologies
Backend for frontend (BFF) technologies
Use our Swan Banking Frontend documentation to set up your instance, customize your designs, and understand the specifications.
This project might be interesting to you if:
  • You need to bootstrap your Swan UI quickly.
  • You need to customize your user experience, whether with fonts and colors or by eliminating optional components.
  • You'd like to learn from Swan's reference implementation.


Integration method
Quick integration
Basic user interface
No-code user interface
Quick integration
Customized user interface
Now: No-code user interface Next: Full API and Swan Banking Frontend
Comprehensive integration
Customized user interface
Full API and Swan Banking Frontend
Comprehensive integration No user interface
Full API