This is a user of Swan app - an actual person. Swan requires each user of our platform to download our application. We made this bold choice because it allows us to offer a much simplified user experience.

Swan is login-less, so users don't have to remember anything; similar to Whatsapp. When it comes to sensitive transactions, our app's Strong Customer Authentication gets users' consent and lets Swan verify their identity when necessary (like when they want to make a large transfer).


You must perform authentication when a user wishes to access their data (for example by logging into their web banking) or to make transactions through your service, via our API.

Swan's API for user authentication is based on the technology oauth2 OpenIDConnect. Learn More

A connected user's data is available at the root of the user query.

Identity Verification

Sometimes, a user of Swan app must prove their identity. For this purpose, Swan provides secure identity verification that uses streaming live-video and A.I. technology.

The identity verification can be performed 24/7 within a 10-minute timeframe, and includes the following validations:

  • Is the ID document authentic?

  • Is this person real?

  • Does the face presented actually match the ID document?

Once this criteria is validated, the user will be flagged idVerified=true, accessible in the userquery. Unless the user reinitializes the app, they will never again have to prove their identity with Swan.

If you wish to test the identity verification process, just install Swan app.

Identity verification of a physical person is the first step in the verification of an account holder. Learn More

Sandbox Users

To make your integration with Swan as seamless as possible, we allow you to create as many Sandbox users as you want from Swan app. Sandbox users make it possible to simulate the different processes you may encounter with your real users, once you go live. You can simulate different onboarding scenarios and processes, or practice managing the user rights of your accounts.

When you add members to your project on the dashboard, we add the menu Sandbox Users to their Swan app Settings. By default, you have a first Sandbox user: John Doe. It is easy to add, modify, or delete Sandbox users from this tab.

Here are the settings you can modify for each Sandbox user:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Birthdate

  • Nationality

  • Verification Status: lets you simulate different steps in the individual account holder verification process (not started, waiting for information, pending, verified)

  • ID verified: lets you simulate whether the identity was verified by Swan (True/False)

  • Auto consent: saves you considerable time during the development phase, by automatically allowing consent, removing the need to repeatedly get consent through Swan app.

When you are playing in the Sandbox environment - using Swan API, simulating the onboarding of a new account holder, accessing web banking - the user being employed is the one selected in your Swan app. To change users, just select a different one.