Requirements for France

Requirements for companies based in France

If your company is based in France and you want to offer banking services to your customers, you are obligated to obtain the legal status “MOBSP”, or "Non-exclusive Intermediaries in Banking Operations and Payment Services". To do so, you must apply to Orias, an association that approves and controls insurance, banking, and investment intermediaries in France. The process for applying is highly standardized and predictable. Here is how it goes from start to finish:
Before getting started: Be prepared to provide conventional business information such as your identification number (SIREN in France), address, legal name, registration/K-bis, and proof of professional aptitude (e.g. diploma, contract).

You: Registration with Orias (0-6 hrs)

1- Visit the Orias website (, access the Business Area, click on the red "Registration" button
2- You may be redirected to the login form. Just click on the link provided to access the registration form
3- Register as a legal entity, enter your SIREN number, choose a password
4- Enter information about your business
5- Enter information about your legal representative
6- Read the overview and validate your registration
7- Receive your registration number:
You'll receive a first email from [email protected] confirming your business space has been created. Occasionally, this first email already provides a registration number.
Otherwise, keep an eye out for the second email which confirms your registration and provides your Orias registration number. Keep this number handy. You'll need it.

Swan: Registering as a MOBSP (24 hrs - 48 hrs)

8- Once received, send your registration number and your SIREN number to [email protected]
9- Swan registers you as a MOBSP
10-Receive a follow-up email asking you to upload supporting documents

You: Provide documents

11- Provide the documents requested by Orias: K-bis and proof of professional aptitude (e.g. diploma, contract). Swan will provide your “attestation de mandat” to Orias, you won’t need to worry about that.
11 bis - To see what type of document serves as proof of professional aptitude view the following chart (Niveau III - IOBSP). If you don't have a proof of professional aptitude, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

Orias: approval committee review and final validation (3 weeks - 2 months)

12 - Once the documents have been sent, Orias performs a review to make sure your file demonstrates full compliance. The committee informs you of their final decision by email. If approved, you receive an email with the date your MOBSP status will be enacted. We’ll also keep you informed if for some reason your application was not approved.
13 - Remember to add the following mention to your footer, legal mention, and anywhere you distribute/sell payment services :
MyBrand, société immatriculée au R.C.S de XXXX sous le numéro XXXXX, et inscrit au Registre unique des Intermédiaires en Assurance, Banque et Finance sous le numéro d’immatriculation XXXXX en qualité de Mandataire non exclusif en opérations de banque et en services de paiement.