Registration Process

How to become a Registered Swan Intermediary in France (MOBSP)

What you need to get started: You'll need to be ready to provide conventional business information: identification number (SIREN in France), address, legal name, registration/K-bis, and proof of professional aptitude (e.g. diploma, contract).

You: Registration with Orias (0-6 hrs)

1- Visit the Orias website (, access the Business Area, click on the red "Registration" button

2- You may be redirected to the login form. Just click on the link provided to access the registration form

3- Register as a legal entity, enter your SIREN number, choose a password

4- Enter information about your business

5- Enter information about your legal representative 6- Read the overview and validate your registration

7- Receive your registration number:

You'll receive a first email from [email protected] confirming your business space has been created. Occasionally, this first email already provides a registration number.

Otherwise, keep an eye out for the second email which confirms your registration and provides your Orias registration number. Keep this number handy. You'll need it.

Swan: Registering as a MOBSP (24 hrs - 48 hrs)

8- Send your registration number to [email protected]

9- Once Swan registers you as a MOBSP, you will receive a certificate of registration

10- You will receive a follow-up email asking you to upload supporting documents

You: Provide documents

11- Provide the documents requested by Orias: K-bis, "attestation de mandant" and proof of professional aptitude (e.g. diploma, contract).

11 bis - To see what type of document serves as proof of professional aptitude view this chart (Niveau III - IOBSP):

Orias: approval committee review and final validation (3 weeks - 2 months)

Once the documents have been sent, Orias will perform a review to make sure your file demonstrates full compliance. If so, you will receive an email with the date your company's new MOBSP status will be enacted.

You will receive a final email with the committee's final decision. If it's positive, you will be the proud holder of a MOBSP status.

The process for other countries will arrive soon.