Vulnerability disclosure

Find out how to report a potential security vulnerability at Swan.

Report a Vulnerability

At Swan, we are eager to protect our customers' accounts and ensure the security of our services at all times. We are deeply grateful to researchers and our community who report issues so that we can coordinate a fix and responsible disclosure. All reports are thoroughly investigated internally. To make a security vulnerability report, email [email protected] with the full details, including steps to reproduce the issue. You may encrypt your email to this list using the GPG key of Security team members. Encryption using GPG is NOT required to make a disclosure.
Swan Security Team (469DD26C) – Publique.asc

When should a vulnerability be reported?

  • You think you discovered a potential security vulnerability in Swan's APIs or services
  • You are unsure how a vulnerability affects Swan's APIs or services
  • You think you discovered a vulnerability in another project that Swan depends on

When should you NOT perform reporting?

  • You need help tuning Swan components for security
  • Your issue is not security related