#nocode and API

#nocode: our dashboard lets you get started super quickly

Brand your project right away from the Branding tab. Just pick your color and upload your logo. If you're providing cards, the Cards tab lets you design them. Set up the onboarding process from the Onboarding tab; just activate public onboarding links and use those to invite your customers to open an account. Activate and deactivate whichever features you wish to provide from the Web Banking. You'll also find the link to your company's Web Banking there. Anyone with an account will be able to log in via that link.
You're going to want to test your project, a lot. You'll see that by default you're already in the Sandbox (look at the upper left-hand corner of the dashboard). There, you'll be able to test your integration with Sandbox users and fake money.
When you're all ready to go live, you can Activate your project. Swan will perform a review, much like Apple does before publishing an app, to make sure your project will be successful.
After your project goes live, you can toggle between the Sandbox environment and the Live environment whenever you need. This lets you continue testing in the Sandbox, even while your customers are already using your banking services in real life. If you ever want to make changes to your live settings, you'll just select those in the design interface, click "Start the review," and wait for Swan to approve those changes.
You can manage and monitor your Accounts and Account members on the very same dashboard used to define your branding and banking features. Everything is in one place. And if your integration ambitions grow, you'll have access to the API right there as well!

API: if you want to take your integration further, you can start playing with our API whenever you want

On the same interface where you set up your branding and banking features, and where you manage Accounts and Account members, you will find a section for Developers. This gives you access to the API, Event Simulator, Web hooks, and logs. Anything our #nocode interfaces allow, you can access with the API. Feel free to unplug our web interfaces to fully customize your banking experience and create your own UX. Use our API Explorer to issue API requests and receive responses.