Sample implementation

We have prepared a sample implementation of our oauth2 authentication with POSTMAN. Download it now to facilitate your integration with our API.

Download Postman

Postman is a Google Chrome application for API testing. To check out examples of how to use our API and test oauth2 authentication and API calls, download Postman at Postman | The Collaboration Platform for API Development.

Download Swan’s Postman collection

Our Postman collection enables you to try our APIs and test the authorization flow from Postman before integrating Swan.
Once downloaded, enter your Client ID and Client Secret and your redirect URI (the same one that's whitelisted in the API section of the dashboard) in the collection variables.
Retrieve the token by clicking on the Authorization tab of the "Project token" and "User token" folders.
Depending on the request, if information must be added as input, you'll find it in the "input" section of the query body.
Swan APIs Postman Collection

Use Swan Banking Frontend

Along with Postman, you can use our open source project, the Swan Banking Frontend, to provide a web banking app that matches your company's style guidelines, plus all user onboarding flows. This project contains the same code used by Swan internally for the no-code user interface.