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Event Simulator

Used with Sandbox, simulate API events to test your integration
With a live project, a multitude of people and technical services are involved in making a Swan account function. Swan facilitates identity verification and risk assessments, debtors send credit transfers, users add Swan cards to their Apple or Google wallets, and more.
But when you're testing Swan, those people aren't involved. Instead, you simulate all external events with the Event Simulator.

Simulator events

Use the Event Simulator to perform many events that another person or a technical service would perform for a live project.
Events you can simulate include:
  • Changing an account holder's verification status
  • Changing a funding limit
  • Receiving a Direct Debit cancellation
  • Requesting a Direct Debit refund
  • Approving a Merchant profile and their submitted payment product
  • Manually provision a card for Apple or Google Pay
Screenshot of the Dashboard Developer > Event Simulator homepage
Event Simulator homepage
The list of simulator events is not exhaustive, and Swan often adds events as new features are released. If there is an event you'd like to simulate to test your integration, please email us at [email protected].

Example: simulate receiving a SEPA Credit Transfer

Use the Event Simulator to simulate transferring funds from a debtor to your Swan Sandbox account. In a live situation, the debtor would perform this action on their own. In Sandbox, you need to do it yourself.
  1. 1.
    On your Dashboard, go to Developers > Event Simulator > SEPA Credit Transfers.
  2. 2.
    In the Receive an Incoming Transfer tab, enter all required information.
    • You can also add an internal reference and a label. If you don't add a label, your transaction history will show Transfer from {Debtor name}.
  3. 3.
    Click Simulate.
  4. 4.
    Instantly, you'll see a status appear. If the simulation succeeded, you'll also see your transaction ID.
Form on Event Simulator to simulate an incoming SEPA credit transfer
Receive a SEPA Credit Transfer in the Event Simulator
  1. 6.
    Go to Data > Accounts > Your account > Transactions to see this transfer in your account transaction history.
Partial screenshot of transaction history showing simulated incoming SEPA credit transfer
Account transaction page with one transaction highlighted
Assuming the transfer succeeds, you can use these funds on the API Explorer.
→ Learn more about the API Explorer and the Event Simulator in testing API.