Preferred channel

Swan handles consent exactly the same way for all types of sensitive operations. We won't send any notifications if the user is on their mobile, but if they're using a desktop or they're doing a 3DS card payment, they'll be redirected to a mobile workflow following the user's preferred channel.
SMS notifications will be used by default if project and user consent settings are not configured.
You can specify the user's preferred channel.
First, call the updateUserConsentSettings using your project token and enter the userID.
Then, specify which of 2 channels you want to use:
  • Let Swan send an SMS to the user, containing a link they must open on their mobile device
  • Receive notifications so you can then push them yourself to your user
If you're planning to send notifications yourself, you can configure the endpoint, secret key, accent color, and logo in the Consent notification menu of the dashboard.
Along with a notification, you will receive an authorizationUrl and the consent to display to your user on their mobile. On desktop, Swan will display the ConsentURL. Also, a video is displayed to your user from the time the consent process is launched until it has been either confirmed or cancelled. It features the logo and accent color defined in the Consent notification menu.
We have defined a 3-second timeout for you to answer us. If this delay is exceeded, or if you answer with any code other than 200, we'll cancel the consent and the user will be redirected.
For the OTP SMS, logins, and consents using our #nocode web banking, we'll still send an SMS, regardless of how your consent notifications are configured.